What to do if capture stops unexpectedly?

on Thursday, June 19, 2008

If the capture process stops before you want it to, your culprit could be mechanical. Check the following:
  • Did you forget to rewind the camcorder tape? This is a classic “oops” that happens to nearly everybody sooner or later.
  • Is your hard disk full? This is bad juju, by the way. Try to avoid filling up your hard disk at all costs. Buy a DVD-RW drive to backup regularly.
  • Is there a timecode break on the tape? Inconsistent timecode on a digital videotape can create all sorts of havoc when software tries to capture video.
  • Did Fluffy or Junior step on the Esc key? It happens. My cat has fouled more than one capture process. (Hey, biomechanical still counts as “mechanical,” right?)