Finding an online home for your movies (Youtube Alternatives)

on Saturday, July 31, 2010

If you want other people to be able to download and watch your movies, you’ll need to put the movie files on a Web server. Your Internet service provider (ISP) might actually provide some free Web server space with your Internet account. This free space is usually limited to about 5 to 15MB, but the exact amount varies greatly. You can use your Web server space to publish pictures, movies, and Web pages that anyone on the Internet can see. Check with your ISP to find out whether you have some available Web server space — and, if you do, get instructions for uploading your files to their Web server.
If your ISP doesn’t provide Web server space, or if it isn’t enough space to hold all of your movie files, don’t worry. Plenty of other resources are available. Several companies specialize in selling server space that you can use to store your movies. These are Youtube alternatives:
  • .Mac ( This service from Apple includes e-mail tools, an address book, antivirus service, and most importantly, 100 MB of storage space on their Web server. Uploading movie files to .Mac is just as easy as copying files to different disks on your computer. The .Mac service costs approximately $100 per year, and provides many more features than I can list here.
  • ( As the name implies, lets you put huge files online. The service is quite affordable, as well. For example, 1000MB (yes, one thousand) is just $5 per month, or $55 per year. See their Web site for other pricing plans.
  • Neptune Mediashare ( This service is partnered with Microsoft so you can easily access the Neptune Web site directly from within Windows Movie Maker. When you export a movie for the Web from Movie Maker, you are given the opportunity to log on to your Neptune Mediashare account and upload files instantly. The Mediashare Pro service provides 100MB of storage space for $39 per year. Whatever you use as a Web server for your movie files, make sure you get specific instructions for uploading. You’ll also need to know what the Web address is for the files that you upload. You can then send that address to other people so that they can find and download your movie.

Using the Windows Media format


Although Microsoft was late to the online multimedia game, Windows Media is quickly becoming one of the most popular video formats on the Web. Pinnacle Studio can export directly to Windows Media format. To do so, choose View ➪ Make Movie, and then choose Stream on the left side of the Make Movie window. Click the Windows Media radio button that appears. I strongly recommend that you review export settings before making a Windows Media file, and you can review those settings by clicking the (surprise!) Settings button in the Make Movie window. The Make Windows Media tab of the Pinnacle Studio Setup Options dialog box appears.
When you adjust settings for Windows Media export, check the following:
  • Title: Enter a plain English title for your movie here. This title will appear at the bottom of the Windows Media Player window when your movie is played.
  • Author: They can’t give out awards if they don’t know who made the movie! Enter your name here to give yourself proper credit.
  • Copyright: Enter a year, and month and day if you like.
  • Description: Type a brief description of your movie. This description will scroll across the bottom of the Windows Media Player window as the movie plays.
  • Rating: Give your movie a rating if you want.
  • Markers: If you include Markers in your Windows Media movie, viewers can jump from clip to clip by pressing the Next and Previous buttons in their Windows Media Player programs. manually named while you were editing your project will have markers.
  • Playback Quality: Choose the Low, Medium, or High presets in the menu on the left. If you choose Custom, a second menu appears to the right, displaying a wider selection of presets. A summary of movie settings for each preset is shown under the Playback Quality menus.

Halle Berry- why is she the best?

on Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hello there. Do you know one of the most famous actress ever Halle Berry. But why did I say she is the best. Did you watch her best movie:


? She enjoys her part in 110%... See some of these pics... Don't you want to watch the film? I just like it. You gotta see this and you will like it, guaranteed!!!