How to Import CD audio in Pinnacle Studio?

on Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pinnacle Studio provides an audio toolbox to help you work with CD audio and other formats. To open the audio toolbox in Studio, place an audio CD in your CD-ROM drive and choose Toolbox➪Add CD Music. You may be asked to enter a title for the CD. The exact title doesn’t matter, so long as it’s something you will be able to identify and remember later. The audio toolbox allows you to perform a variety of actions:
  • Choose audio tracks from the CD using the Track menu.
  • Use playback controls in the audio toolbox to preview audio tracks.
  • Add only a portion of the audio clip to your movie by adjusting the in point and out point markers.
  • Add a track to the movie as a clip in the background music track at the bottom of the timeline by clicking the Add to Movie.
The clip is at the current position of the play head. After you add a CD audio track to your movie project, play the project to preview your addition. The first time you preview the movie with the CD audio track added, Studio captures the required audio from the CD. If the disc isn’t in the CD-ROM drive the first time you try to play the project, Studio asks you to insert the disc before the process can continue.