Creating a transition

on Monday, February 4, 2008

You can add a transition to the simple movie you put together in the previous section by following these steps:
Storyboard Clip browser
  1. Open the Chapter 1 sample project you created in the previous section if it isn’t already open. You can follow these steps using any movie project that includes two or more clips.
  2. Open the list of video transitions in your editing program. In Apple iMovie, click the Trans button just below the browser window. In Windows Movie Maker, click Video Transitions under Collections on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click-and-drag one of the Circle transitions to a spot between two clips on the storyboard. A transition indicator appears between the two clips.
  4. Click Play in the preview window to preview the transition. If you are using iMovie, the transition may not appear immediately. If you see a tiny red progress bar under the transition, wait a few seconds for it to finish. When the progress bar is complete, you should be able to preview the transition Inserted clip Pretty cool, huh? But wait, that’s not all!